I finally have a moment to sit down and write down my recent birth story. Six days ago, I gave birth to our fourth child at home. This time, we chose not to receive any prenatal care. Therefore, we had no idea about the gender of the baby. It turned out to be a healthy 7 lbs 11 oz. baby boy. His two big sisters and his big brother are all very excited that he is finally here. After all, he took long enough, having been born at 43 weeks and 6 days.

Waiting for a Baby

I had been having Braxton Hick’s contractions on and off fora  few weeks since around the due date. Sometimes, I’d have a terrible pan in my left side that would go down into my thigh. However, contractions always petered out, even though they were sometimes fairly regular. My estimated due date based on menstrual cycle was June 21st. A conception-based due date would have been closer to July 3rd. Either way, baby Timmy didn’t really want to make his appearance as early as that.
My previous pregnancy lasted until 43 weeks and 2 days, and this baby wanted me to beat my own personal record. During the last week before he was born, I had contractions on a daily basis that would follow a patter. However, as soon as I was tired of walking, they would fizzle out when I decided to sit down or lie down.

Bloody Show

191-300x214On Thursday night (July 17th), my husband and I went to bed. Outside, a storm was building and it started to thunder in the distance. I remember complainingto my husband about the baby not coming, and my husband said to tell the universe that tonight is the night. I just chuckled, but I really was getting tired ofbeing pregnant for what seemed like an eternity.
Within a few minutes of lying down, I felt a rush of fluids. I went to the bathroom and turned on the light and was surprised to see bloody show. It looked like a lot of blood to me, but in hindsight, it might have been the fact that blood in the water (in the toilet) always looks like a lot more than it is. I also didn’t have any painful contractions at the time, which added to my confusion. During previous births, I didn’t experience bloody show until labor was well under way.
I told my husband, and he got the room ready. This was about 11.30 p.m. Josh wanted me to walk to encourage labor to progress (at least he suggested it), but I felt really tired and just wanted to lie down. I decided to follow my instincts, and I encouraged my husband to go back to sleep.

Finally in Labor

I woke up about 1 a.m. with more contractions. I also felt hungry and ate a few bites of toast. Contractions still weren’t painful, but I didn’t feel sleepy. Between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m., I walked the hallway a little bit, boiled scissors, and cuddled my one-year-old, who had woken up from the thunder and lightning. I didn’t time the contractions. Eventually, I lied down again. The bleeding had slowed down, and I wasn’t concerned about it. The baby would come when he was ready.
As soon as I lied down, I had a very powerful contraction. After a few more contractions like it, I decided to sit on the toiled, because it felt better. I also woke up Josh at that point. This was about 3 a.m. He did a good job keeping my mind off the pain by babbling about random things.
Throughout, I had diarrhea. At some point, the pains got very intense, and I knew the end was near. At the same time, I wanted it all very much to be over. I also wanted to stay on the toilet, because that position felt okay, but I didn’t really want the baby born there.

Timmy Is Born

I moved on all fours onto the floor in our bedroom. After a few rather painful contractions, I felt compelled to go back to the bathroom. I had the urge to push, and I knew it was time for birth. Logically, I should have stayed on the floor, but I felt compelled to go back to the toilet. I felt the head, and my husband helped me off the toilet. He quickly moved the comforters into the bathroom and helped me down onto the floor. I was pushing and was able to feel Timmy’s head crown. It was awesome but really painful at the same time. I whined about the pain, but my husband encouraged me and told me it was almost over. And wasn’t it exciting to feel the baby’s head?
I felt my perineum stretch around the head. Then the head was born. The next contraction brought out the rest of our baby. Amazingly enough, the placenta followed immediately afterwards. Unfortunately, we didn’t take a picture of the placenta, but it looked like a juicy peace of round steak. Timmy started crying within a short amount of time. After a little while, he also decided to latch on and nurse.
Eventually, I got up and took a shower while Josh held his baby. We cut the cord a little later, and I cuddled with Timmy while Josh cleaned up the bathroom.  While it wasn’t the location I had planned to give birth in, it was certainly easy to clean up.

Timmy Meets His Siblings201-300x214

The kids slept through everything. My daughter Becky was the first one to wake up. We showed her little Timmy and her eyes got all big and round as she woke up fully. She smiled and said he was cute. Michael woke up next. He was excited and wanted to lie down next to the baby and hug him and kiss him. He was being really careful and gentle, as much as a 21-month-old can be. Melanie was the last one to meet the new baby. Michael already told her about the baby (saying “baby, baby” the whole time) as she walked towards our room, and she was happily staring at him. She also said he was soooo cute.