In order to give birth at home, you may want to prepare by getting a few supplies ready. Technically, while you don’t need anything to give birth naturally, most women like to have a few things handy for when the baby comes. Whether you decide just to stock up on clean towels and something to cover your flooring with or purchase a full birth supply kit is completely up to you. Homebirth preparation include everything from buying the supplies, knowing how to use them when the time comes as well as getting your home ready for your baby. Another part of preparing for a home birth is to decide who your birth attendants will be (if any).
An unassisted childbirth doesn’t mean you have to give birth alone. Giving birth unassisted means that you don’t choose your attendants based on their medical experience. Instead, you get to give birth quietly at home with your partner or surrounded by caring and loving family members. Before the big day comes closer, it’s a good idea to prepare yourself mentally. For example, you’ll want to research when it’s a good idea to call for medical assistance and what needs to happen during and after childbirth.