Setting the Stage of Easy Cleanup after Birth

Giving birth doesn’t sound like a difficult thing to do. But if you want to give birth unassisted, then you have to think about the mess that comes with childbirth. Obviously, there will be some blood and gore. But guess what? Messes will become normal to you once you have children.
In order to make cleanup easier, you can try to contain the mess. That means you will pick an area for labor and delivery ahead of time. If you want to give birth in a tub, you might still want to have another area set up for afterwards.
In order to minimize cleanup, you should get a few things to protect your floors. While blood stains can be cleaned out easily just using cold water, it would be better not to have to scrub the carpet or floors. Therefore, you should consider purchasing or finding:

  • a tarp to protect the floor (can be painter’s tarp, or a plastic tarp used for outdoor stuff)
  • an old comforter or blankets to put over the tarp (because you want to give birth on something that feels nice than a tarp)
  • large, disposable pads to line your bed or the floor with
  • black trash bags to get rid of the evidence

Now here is where you’ll have to compromise between being environmentally friendly and making cleanup easy. If you’re so inclined, you can certainly clean the bedding and tarps up afterwards. But keep in mind that you will need rest after giving birth, and your husband may not be as enthusiastic about taking care of these things. Therefore, the easiest thing is to use old blankets that you wanted to get rid of anyway.
For giving birth in a tub, you don’t have to do much. A tub can be drained and cleaned easily afterwards. However, you should line the way from your bed to the bathroom and tub with protective covering if you don’t want to end up scrubbing the floors later.
Childbirth will be messy, but the mess is definitely not a reason to give up on an unassisted birth. On the contrary, you can contain it and clean it up pretty easily.