What If the Cord Is Wrapped Around the Baby’s Neck?

When you plan on giving birth at home unassisted, you are going to be researching a lot of scenarios beforehand. For example, you might worry that the umbilical cord is wrapped around your baby’s neck.
It’s really difficult to picture anyone being able to breathe with a cord wrapped around their neck. Nevertheless, it’s not uncommon for babies to be born this way. The cord may be wrapped around your baby’s neck several times and even quite tightly. What do you do?
The answer is pretty easy. You simply unwrap the cord.
Of course, your birth attendant (whether that’s the father of the baby, your mother, or a family friend) can unwrap the cord as well. This is usually easily done after the baby is born. And just because your baby has the cord wrapped around his neck doesn’t necessarily mean that he is in distress or in need of a C-section.