It’s so easy to get caught up in the preparation of labor and childbirth without really paying much attention to what comes afterwards. But it’s important to research newborn care before your precious bundle arrives so that you can make up your mind about how you want to take care of your baby. You’ll probably want to know how to examine a newborn baby and how to take care of the umbilical cord first. And it’s also nice to understand the changes you can expect postpartum.
In addition to learning what to do right after the birth, it’s also a good idea to learn more about caring for your baby. For example, you may want to learn about swaddling, co-sleeping, and breastfeeding (not particularly in that order). The fact is that once your baby is born you won’t have a lot of time to peruse extensive literature on baby care. It makes more sense to do it now while you’re pregnant.
There is no single right way to raise a baby, but since you plan to give birth peacefully at home, you may be interested to learn more about attachment parenting principles. If you’re a fan of unassisted childbirth, you probably also lean more towards gentle parenting concepts that don’t involve putting your baby to sleep in a crib in a separate room.