What to Expect the Day after You Give Birth Unassisted

An unassisted childbirth is certainly not right for everyone. However, the women who decide to give birth unassisted often love their experience. Generally, the day after giving birth naturally, you may feel worn out, exhausted, excited, and elated all at the same time. You will experience an emotional roller coaster for a while to come.

Take It Easy

Whatever else is going on isn’t really important. After giving birth, you should just take it easy. This means you don’t need to leave your bed unless you have to go to the bathroom. You certainly don’t need to leave your baby if you don’t want to. However, your husband may want a chance at holding your baby, too.
Some women are up and running again immediately after giving birth. And while you may feel well enough to walk around, there is no need to go and run a marathon. First, you should give your body a chance to recover from the physical effects of childbirth.

Expect More Changes

Now that you’re no longer pregnant, your body will be going through more changes. For example, you may have difficulties finding a comfortable room temperature. Most women sweat a lot at night during the first few days and weeks after giving birth. This is just one way for your body to get rid of the extra fluids it has been building up throughout your pregnancy. You’ll also be dealing with lochia (the bleeding that occurs during your postpartum period) for up to six weeks and leaky breasts. At some point, it may feel like your body is falling apart. However, that’s not really the case, and soon, you’ll feel like a human again.

Focus on Your Baby

There is nothing else more important right now than to focus on your baby. This is your chance to get to know him, to hold him, to feed him, and be there for him all day long. Later, you will look back on those times wistfully. At some point, your child will no longer sleep peacefully in your arms. And while growing up is a part of life, there’s nothing wrong with living in the moment whenever you can.
If at all possible, you should take some time off after you give birth. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of voluntary helpers. Your mother-in-law, your neighbors, and your coworkers are welcome to bring food to your house. However, you’re not required to invite them in if you don’t feel up to it. After all, you’ve just had a baby. You should do what feels right to you.