When you are pregnant, your uterus expands very rapidly. As your baby is growing inside of you, more pressure is being put on to your tummy every day. And because the pregnancy weight gain happens rather quickly, it might put enough pressure on your belly button to turn your innie into an outie. But when exactly does your belly button pop during pregnancy?

Every Woman Is Different

Your belly button doesn’t have the same qualities as the turkey timer. That means your belly button may pop well before the baby is “done cooking”. Of course, your belly button may never pop, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be pregnant forever. Whether or not your belly button pops and when exactly that happens is unpredictable. Every woman is different. If you have a very deep innie, your belly button may never pop.

Every Pregnancy Is Different

If your belly button popped at 28 weeks during your first pregnancy, you may assume that the same thing will happened when you get pregnant again. However, there is no reason to believe that your belly button will pop at the same time as last time. Your belly button is about as unpredictable as your due date. Your second child may come later or earlier than your first baby, and there’s no way to tell for sure.

You Can Make It Fun

If you happen to have nothing else to do, you can bet with your friends and family if and when your belly button will pop. Other fun guessing games to play during pregnancy include guessing the gender of the baby and guessing the date of birth. But rest assured, there’s really nothing you can do to make your belly button pop any sooner. Nor can you prevent it from popping if it wants to. But within a few months of giving birth, your belly button should go back to the way it was before without additional action on your part.