As controversial as it is to give birth unassisted, I suggest that we all make our peace with it. After all, unassisted childbirth is here to stay. In poor and developing countries, there are no other options. But even in the “civilized” world, more women are choosing to give birth this way. Either they can’t give birth at home any other way, or they are very disappointed with the medical world.
Regardless of the reasons why women give birth unassisted, we need to allow them to make their own choices. They will be responsible for the health and well-being of their child from the time he is born until the time he grows up and moves out. Why is the act of giving birth any different?
Most women who give birth unassisted are not ignorant. On the contrary, they make an informed decision to give birth the way they want to. They know more about the what-if scenarios than many mothers who give birth in a hospital. And they’re prepared to take action.
Additionally, giving birth is a natural act. It’s safe. Yes, women and babies can die. But the majority of them don’t, because giving birth is something your body is naturally capable of doing. Even though hospitals, doctors, and midwives love to be prepared for eventualities, they know that most births end well.
If we don’t let women give birth the way they want to, because we find it risky for the child, then technically we have to restrict women’s other rights as well. For example, you need to monitor their diets and lifestyles to make sure they’re doing what’s right for the baby during their pregnancy. And later, you have to interfere with their parenting style whenever they mess up. That’s not really realistic. And it’s also not realistic to tell someone how to give birth. And since women should be able to make this choice for themselves, maybe we should accept their choice, whether it’s a scheduled C-section or an unassisted childbirth. That doesn’t mean you have to make the same choice for yourself now or in the future.