Isn't It Dangerous to Give Birth Unassisted?

When I talk to people about unassisted childbirth, their first comment is usually: “But isn’t that dangerous? What if something happens?”
It makes me sad to think that most people view childbirth as dangerous. Yet, that seems to be the way most people consider the act of giving birth. It’s as if we were still living in the dark ages…
Giving birth unassisted is no more dangerous than giving birth any other way. In fact, it’s probably less dangerous. After all, more people die after a C-section than after having a natural birth. And while childbirth is not without risks, nothing in life is. But the risks of childbirth have been greatly overplayed.

You Should Be Prepared

Even though giving birth is not any more dangerous than crossing the street, you should probably be prepared for it ahead of time. A first-time mother tends to be very vulnerable to other people’s advice, good and bad. It’s hard not to listen to what other people tell you when you’re not sure yourself. Therefore, you should learn as much as you can before the actual event.
Preparing for childbirth doesn’t mean reading “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”. While that book is still a bestseller, it definitely doesn’t focus on natural childbirth. Instead, it pretty much tells you what could happen to you. If you want to be in charge of your birth, then you should read The Unassisted Baby instead.

What You Need to Know

If you’re just getting started, you might still benefit from reading the basics. For example, how does a normal labor progress, when can you expect your water to break, etc. etc. But after that, you need to read up specifics. For example, how does the placenta get delivered? When should you cut the cord? What happens if your baby is breech?
None of these questions are difficult to answer, but most women never even look into it, because that thought doesn’t occur to them. But even if you hire a midwife to come to your birth, you might want to get more prepared. After all, what will you do if she doesn’t make it on time?

It’s Not as Difficult as It Sounds

Giving birth is not really difficult. In fact, your body already knows what to do even if you have never given birth before. Your body also knows how to grow your baby safely in your uterus, even if you have no idea what’s happening in there. So why shouldn’t you trust it to take care of the delivery as well?
Giving birth is not dangerous. Of course, things can go wrong, but if you’re prepared, you can handle them. And in the end, having a peaceful birth the way you want to is totally worth it.

Is It Safe to Have an Unassisted Pregnancy and Childbirth?

A lot of people won’t even realize that’s it’s possible to have an unassisted pregnancy and childbirth. Therefore, most people would answer this question with a resounding No. Nevertheless, pregnancy and childbirth are as safe as they have ever been. Unfortunately, medical interventions actually cause more problems and end up in unnecessary C-sections. However, on the plus side, medical help makes it possible to save lives even in childbirth.

It Depends on Who You’re Asking

If you ask an OB/GYN the above question, his answers is probably not going to be in defense of an unassisted childbirth. His very livelihood depends on your belief that you need assistance giving birth. The same is true for most midwives. Some medical professionals won’t even recommend a homebirth to their clients because they believe it to be unsafe.
If you ask someone like Laura Shanley, then you’ll get an entirely different answer. She may be the most well-known woman who has given birth to all of her children without medical help. And while you may not agree with some of her philosophies on life, it’s hard to argue with the facts. In her book, she has thoroughly discredited most routine interventions. Instead of being helpful, they hinder a natural birth.

You Should Use Common Sense

If you want to find proof that unassisted childbirth is dangerous, then you can find it. If you want proof that homebirths and unassisted births are safe, then you can find that as well. You can pretty much find proof for every controversial opinion if you look hard enough. I am not here to give you another source to evaluate. Instead, I am asking you to use common sense.
Is childbirth dangerous? It can be. Women and babies have died during childbirth. But, and here is the clincher: it’s really unlikely for that to happen. Besides, mothers and babies can die at the hospital, too, and sometimes they do. In some cases, modern medicine can save your life. However, for a normal, healthy pregnancy, modern medicine will probably do more harm than good.

Childbirth Isn’t Dangerous

Childbirth is not inherently dangerous. In fact, there is a reason why childbirth is rarely fatal. It wouldn’t really help the human race survive if it were. Of course, there is always the potential of something going wrong. But you take that risk with everything else, too.
While I haven’t done the research, I’ll wager it’s more likely that you’ll get hurt in a car accident than for you to have serious childbirth complications. But that won’t stop you or anyone else from driving, will it? Whether you believe if an unassisted pregnancy in childbirth is safe is something you need to figure out for yourself. However, if you use common sense, you’ll probably reach the conclusion that it isn’t.