The Unassisted Baby – The Book

The Unassisted Baby
Women’s bodies are designed to handle pregnancy and childbirth without requiring medical assistance along the way. This book is a valuable resource for anyone planning to give birth unassisted. This book will help you:

  • Evaluate interventions and their potential dangers
  • Take care of yourself during pregnancy
  • Decide which supplies you need at birth
  • Read the first signs of labor
  • Wrap your head around the entire process of labor and childbirth
  • Evaluate your newborn baby
  • Take care of your body after the birth
  • Apply for a birth certificate for your newborn
  • Calm your partner and him what to do during labor and birth and more!

WARNING: This book is not meant to be a medical resource. While it was written to give you information about having an unassisted childbirth, you’ll still need to do your own research. Take charge of your pregnancy and childbirth!

Praise for The Unassisted Baby

“Anita recently delivered the latest addition to the freebirth genre, The Unassisted Baby. This book is full of comprehensive information about everything to do with freebirthing: why, how, when, before, and after! The Unassisted Baby tells you everything you need to know in order to make the best decisions for yourself and your baby. Warmly recommended!”

– Holistic Parenting Magazine (

My Personal Experience

I have personally experienced three different types of birth. My first child was born at the hospital with Pitocin, an epidural, and the whole nine yards. My second child was born at a birth center in a tub with the help of a midwife. My third and fourth babies were both born at home unassisted, with only my husband present. My unassisted homebirths were by far my favorite births.
After my first unassisted birth, I decided to write about my experiences. Since then, I have self-published a book called “The Unassisted Baby” on Amazon. Additionally, I started a blog about unassisted pregnancy and childbirth. While I provide resources in my book and occasionally for my blog posts, I want to encourage you to research childbirth and pregnancy on your own. Your decision on how to give birth and go through pregnancy should be an informed choice.
I believe that birth is not a medical emergency. On the contrary, giving birth at home is the calmest and most peaceful way to greet your newborn baby.